Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Medical Practice at a Distance May Be Illegal III

Only a couple of developments since I posted Medical Practice at a Distance May Be Illegal II:

State of MI

When a patient told me he planned to travel in Michigan this summer (I don't hold a medical license in that state.) I called the MI medical licensing board. When I asked whether the State of Michigan might consider me to be practicing without a license if I talked to the patient on the telephone or used video conferencing, I asked me to write a letter of inquiry. I am still procrastinating, but will post when I receive a response.

Federation of State Medical Boards

If any organization exists that might advocate for sanity in state laws regulating physician contact with patients in states where the physician does not hold a license, it must be this one. After receiving no response to several emails I was directed to their PR person, Drew Carlson. In a telephone conversation I posed the question to him of whether the FSMB has taken a position on this matter. Three weeks have past with no further response despite at least one reminder. Perhaps FSMB does not consider this an important matter.

Continued in: Medical Practice at a Distance May Be Illegal IV: AK, ME

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