Sunday, August 7, 2011

Need Help With Drug-of-the-Day Tweets

If you had to think of two or three words to remind a potential prescriber or even a patient about some important aspect of a drug, what might they be?

Every day (repeating on the same day annually) I will tweet a different CNS drug with a link to the drug's page and a few words to remind of a key property of the drug or aspect of it's use. This is intended as an educational tool.

Yesterday's tweet: 

"BehaveNet® Clinical Capsule™ #Drug of the Day: #risperidone #prolactin"

I am soliciting suggestions. More examples lithium: kidney, thyroid; bupropion: seizure. 

What might you suggest for amineptine? trifluoperazine? The list currently contains more than 365 drugs including many from the DEA controlled substances list. I am also looking for suggestions on which drugs I should drop to get down to one drug per day.

You can view the list at the link below. You may need a gmail account. Please mention suggestions with comments here or at

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