Saturday, June 18, 2011

Do med schools select for wimps?

I have this pet theory that part of the reason medicine is in such a pathetic state today is the failure of docs to stand up for themselves and their patients. On the wimp spectrum I see psychiatrists at one end and surgeons at the other. To get into medical school you have to comply, comply, comply. Conform. Don't assert. Rebels and mavericks need not apply.


  1. Wow! What prompted this, I wonder? I should ask, which end of the spectrum are the psychiatrists on? 8^)

    Seriously, I agree with you nearly completely. Particularly when you say that this is the reason for the "pathetic" state of medicine. I might make one modification, though. Most docs actually do stand up for their patients. In fact, that's one of the positive attributes of "wimpiness"-- i.e., the decision to surrender your own wishes and goals for the benefit of another. Unfortunately, when someone more powerful says "no," I agree, doctors are likely to just throw up their arms, complain that "that's the way it is" and allow themselves and their patients to suffer, even though it's patently obvious to them that this does not need to be the case.

  2. Congratulations Steve! You have correctly placed psychiatry on the wimp spectrum.