Wednesday, December 9, 2009

DEA Suboxone Audit Update VI

Continued from: DEA Suboxone Audit Update V 

Today I learned that DEA field offices in FL, MA, and NY sent letters, some in October, to OBOT physicians alerting them to unscheduled audits. At least some of the letters (I have not yet seen a copy) apparently included language that suggested physicians who were issued special credentials for prescribing buprenorphine, but who do not currently prescribe the drug, could avoid the hassle of the audits by relinquishing their credentials. This apparently alarmed some physicians, but a second letter from some or all of the field offices attempted to clarify and reassure physicians.

I also obtained confirmation by telephone that the NW field office did not send letters, which of course explains why I did not receive one. It is not clear whether that office will send a letter eventually, but at least one physician in the area reported that he was audited.

DEA Suboxone Audit: Worst Experience of My Career as a Physician


  1. It's very sad to me that the doctors that care enough to help people are put through this but when u need help it makes it almost impossible. So to all the doctors that go through all that. I'm so sorry. There are people that their lives would be miserable with ouit thank you for all yall do . Know you are appreciated.